Location: Bentwick Miners Welfare
Date: 30th March 2023
Time: 1pm
Entertainment: Football Match, TOMBOLA, Stalls, Raffle.
Info: In Memory of Sean Lynk, All Proceeds go to Enlighten the Shadows, Bar, Food and Hot/Cold Drinks Available.

So today may be emotional for some of you we encourage you to share all the good you had with Sean lynk let’s honour his memory should you need to talk we will have the team at todays event to speak too we also encourage you to have time to reflect and if you need to cry please cry don’t bottle it up or man up we need you to talk we are extremely grateful for all your support in the community coming together like you have done over the last few months the team are overwhelmed with the generosity of you all from prizes to donations to free use of venues etc you are all amazing also today we reveal some great news to you all about our future and for men in Ashfield

Much love to you all Steve

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